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What can I talk about?

People come to counselling for many reasons.  Some use this space to:

  • express feelings or thoughts that they don’t feel able to express anywhere else

  • work out how they feel and what they think about important events or situations in their life

  • explore a problem and perhaps the different options they have for dealing with that problem

  • take time out from difficult situations or feelings

  • learn better ways for coping with difficult emotions or situations​

Psychology Patient
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Having someone to talk to who isn't directly involved in your life can allow you to consider where your emotions and thoughts are coming from, and give you permission to express yourself without worrying about others.  As your counsellor, I will listen without making judgments, accept your feelings, and support you in any changes you might wish to make.  Having this chance to explore your emotions, thoughts and options can help you to re-connect with your strengths.

Dark Clouds

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou


Heaton Moor

Tel: 07712159440

Counsellor and Supervisor

Stockport and Manchester Counselling

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